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Good UX is pivotal to the future of SEO

UX and SEO

Good UX is pivotal to the future of SEO We all know that every site design is unique and should have traits like navigability, accessibility and relevance. UX is becoming more relevant in its search engine rankings.  Are you focussing and optimizing your business for Google or your customers? In short you are optimizing for both customers and Google.                So leveraging the SEO will help you to improve your site’s user experience and vice-versa. Better UX will help to increase additional traffic. Google search engine is being mostly used and its algorithm is changing frequently and latest updated algorithm is Google ... Read more


On-Page SEO Mistakes to be avoided

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO Mistakes to be avoided SEO is not just an inbound marketing but more than that. It’s better to avoid making on-page SEO mistakes if you want to rank in a better way in search pages and for better visibility on Google. Also, both on-page and off-page SEO are important. Here I will summarize few mistakes to be avoided while doing on-page SEO.          Choosing the wrong keywords to Target. Keyword research is always the most important and first step towards for any successful SEO campaign. With the right kind of keywords right visitors can be targeted to your website. The target keyword ... Read more


Why you should be aware of Link Building?

Link Building

Why you should be aware of Link Building? Why you need to do link building? Generating back links is not that easy job. One should understand the best strategies to be followed for back link creation. In this era of technological competition all are trying to make their websites friendly for search engines to rank higher. Strategies to be followed:-        Guest posting The right kind of blog will attract right kind of customers. It will provide your company a well recognition in the industry, getting right kind of traffic to your website and finally would create backlinks for your website. Some of the ... Read more


Are you still without Content Marketing?

Content Marketing

Are you still without Content Marketing? Are you aware that business interaction with customers is changing? Could it really help to achieve your objectives? Absolutely, content marketing should be part of your marketing strategy. With the advancement of technology, the realm of marketing is changing on day-to-day basis.  Well, content marketing involves a STRATEGIC MARKETING approach. It’s not just posting any content on social media feeds but it should be accomplished in a prudent way. Now to get started with content marketing a timed panning should be done like planning on how content marketing going to affect sales, advertisements, services etc. Secondly, ... Read more

Digital Marketing

Mobile marketing as an important segment

Mobile Marketing

Mobile device adoption rates are increasing at an incredible rate, surpassing 80% in 2016 alone. The era of mobile has already arrived. If you're not implementing some kind of mobile marketing strategy, you're already trailing behind! Mobile Marketing Strategies App-based marketing Creating an app featuring your product or service is vital for your mobile marketing , since it’s very easy to download. Based on the budget you can decide which mobile platform you want it to deploy. In-game mobile marketing As the quality of video games has improved, the number of people playing them has grown. The most important fact into in-game marketing plan is ... Read more

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Digital Marketing

Infographics-Part of SEO strategy


Infographics is selling more now as the most effective marketing strategy. It’s the key factor helping to grow your social media. Though infographics the customer has more inclination to connect socially to your brand and increase the brand awareness. Infographics are more shared, viewed and appreciated as compared to the other content kinds. In today’s world, gigabytes of data are shared on daily and even hour basis. So infographics doesn’t only increase links and shares but also drive rankings in the organic share.  It can increase trust between your company and your customer.   One can earn revenue by posting the ... Read more

Sheeja Joseph
Digital Marketing

8 Reasons why a Company needs a Facebook Page in 2017?


It was Orkut once a dominant social network , as our preferred online hangout spot. Now see where Facebook stands. It has now 1.94 billion monthly active users, in the first quarter of 2017 itself and yet to grow more in the forthcoming years. Are you looking for ways to brand yourself in Facebook? Are you still waiting to be convinced with the value of a Facebook Page for your business? Here are the simple and important reason why you should create a facebook page:- Focuses on potential Customers Best tool towards targerted Ads         Increases website Traffic Devise ways to expose your brand Helpful ... Read more

Digital Marketing

Web Design Trends To Watch In 2017

website design trends 2017

The New Year has dawned and we are more than excited about the world. As of now, time is more than ready to grapple on the new trends in the world of technology. As we speak, the IT world is bringing new and varied findings in the technological field. The way a web page is displayed plays a great role in bringing in new clients. Here we look at a few new trends that can set a web page unique in the eyes of potential clients. 1. Using animations in the web page The moving images in a website can play at the emotions ... Read more

Web Design

Business Intelligence (BI) and how it is useful for Common Man

business intelligence for common man

Now you have deployed the software to all the business managers and workers – hundreds of them – that will be using it. Time to relax, right?  Very few people are actually using the new BI tool.  When you show users how to use software over their own data, to solve problems they’re facing, it becomes real.  “Most of the time the decision makers in a business commit the cardinal mistake regarding BI: They let the capabilities of the BI software drive the whole BI program instead of expecting the BI software to assist them in achieve their own business objectives,” ... Read more

Shreeja Manoj
Business Intelligence

On-page SEO checklist for a perfectly optimized website page

on page seo checklist

So you have a well-designed blog, Is this enough to attract visitors to your website? My answer is “No”… You have to make sure the website content is accessible for search engines if it isn’t your site won’t get ranked in search engine result pages. Consider these on page SEO checklist for better rankings of your website on search engines. Content is King: In today’s world before taking any purchase decision people are searching for them in Google. So by creating valuable good quality relevant content, it is actually a win- win for both customers as well as for you. You can showcase ... Read more

Anju Mohan

Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Business?

digital marketing for business

With the occurrence of technology, people all over the world are spending more and more time "staying connected" through their digital presence. Digital Marketing plays a very important role in business for every business today; online presence is the key to successful marketing. If you want your business to grow, then you need the support of digital marketing. In this tech-savvy world, more and more people search online for any information they need by using the latest digital gadgets. If any business doesn't have the online presence then they cannot achieve the top most position in the World Wide Web. An excellent ... Read more

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Digital Marketing


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