Good UX is pivotal to the future of SEO

UX and SEO

Good UX is pivotal to the future of SEO

We all know that every site design is unique and should have traits like navigability, accessibility and relevance. UX is becoming more relevant in its search engine rankings.  Are you focussing and optimizing your business for Google or your customers? In short you are optimizing for both customers and Google.                So leveraging the SEO will help you to improve your site’s user experience and vice-versa. Better UX will help to increase additional traffic. Google search engine is being mostly used and its algorithm is changing frequently and latest updated algorithm is Google RankBrain. So focussing only on SEO is not only enough UX should also be done hand-in-hand in creating a successful website.

Few sections to be remembered to make SEO and UX work together are:-

  •          Page Speed

It is one the most influential factor for both SEO and UX.  The site speed might differ  in different locations. So we can use different for analysing it. Some of the most important tools are Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Tools, GTMetrix, WebPageTest, Varvy SEO tool. So making your website load quickly will create a good user experience for your visitors.

  •          Page Titles and headings

Search engine place more relevance on elements included in page titles and headings. Each page is better to have different page titles and headings so as to reflect the keywords the searchers need.  For the crawlers to easily view the titles and meta description there is limit for the characters used. A page title shouldn’t have more than 70 chars and meta description shouldn’t have more than 160 chars.

  •          Site Structure

This will determine whether your search engine can understand about your site. It will then easily help to index the pages of your website.   

  •          Mobile Responsiveness

Since we are moving to mobile-first index era, we should make sure the website is mobile optimized. It’s not only by color and coding but also keeping in mind of the entire web strategy.

  •          Internal linking

Internal links are very important when it comes for establishing a site’s architecture. An architecture lets the spider to crawl the required pages and hitting your ranking goals. Thus, website navigation is clearly an example for website linking. The ‘Search Analytics’ report will help you to get the report of the links connected to your site and its overall performance.

  •          Content

‘Content is king’, the buzzword of the digital era. You should harness the best strategy for content marketing. Worth content will increase number of readers and eventually increase the website viewers and thereby increasing the traffic.  Valuable content can attract and retain customers in a promising way. Content marketing, part of inbound marketing that will help to put your brand to succeed in a long-term.






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