Infographics-Part of SEO strategy


Infographics is selling more now as the most effective marketing strategy. It’s the key factor helping to grow your social media. Though infographics the customer has more inclination to connect socially to your brand and increase the brand awareness. Infographics are more shared, viewed and appreciated as compared to the other content kinds. In today’s world, gigabytes of data are shared on daily and even hour basis. So infographics doesn’t only increase links and shares but also drive rankings in the organic share.  It can increase trust between your company and your customer.  

One can earn revenue by posting the infographics to different sites. The most popular social platforms to post your infographics are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr etc

One should understand which kind of infographics you need to create:-


Static infographics attract attention with great design and intriguing layouts. It usually appears in a long scrolling format in optimized way for viewing on a computer or smart device.          


Interactive infographics are ideal for mobile devices, and these data visualizations generally work best for tech-savvy audiences. It has a a linear approach to data-driven narratives. Interactive infographics can use any number of elements for the reader to experiment with, from basic clickable icons and buttons to hover-over information to animated graphs and vivified charts.

Motion Graphics

Compared to Static and Interactive infographics, motion graphics are much more robust. Motion graphics are great tools to evoke an emotional response from viewers, a parameter that makes them vital in many businesses’ advertising methodologies.



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