On-Page SEO Mistakes to be avoided

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO Mistakes to be avoided

SEO is not just an inbound marketing but more than that. It’s better to avoid making on-page SEO mistakes if you want to rank in a better way in search pages and for better visibility on Google. Also, both on-page and off-page SEO are important.

Here I will summarize few mistakes to be avoided while doing on-page SEO.

  •          Choosing the wrong keywords to Target.

Keyword research is always the most important and first step towards for any successful SEO campaign. With the right kind of keywords right visitors can be targeted to your website. The target keyword should not be more than 2 to 4 word phrase. In the Google keyword tool, one should not always look for high competition keywords try with low and medium too that might give results faster. Secondly, you should not choose keywords that no one is searching for. Your page might be ranking higher and visible in Google’s search page easily but there won’t be targeted visitors. Thirdly, never use keywords that are too generic.

  •          Stuffing Keywords

Another mistake while doing on-page SEO is stuffing the website with number of keywords in a way to manipulating Google’s ranking. It is a black-hat SEO practice. It might result  into terrible user experience. It might also later harm your site’s ranking. There are ways to use to use it in a more intelligent way. You can use long-tail keywords other than using short keywords repeatedly.  

  •          Not optimizing your home page for conversion

Website’s homepage creates a lasting impression to the users. So it’s of great importance to first optimize your home page. We need to create an impressive headline, which can raise you’re your conversion rates. We also need to create a call to action in form of a click that can take your customers to different parts of the website.

  •          Not optimizing website for mobile

Mobile internet users are rapidly rising. It has already outweighed the desktop and laptop numbers. For the sake of creating a website people create a website in no time. But one need to also understand that it is a must for a website to be mobile responsive too else you can lose many leads. Create fluid layouts for better user experience.

  •          Not focusing on content length

There is not any fixed length for the content. According to Google analytics survey, people don’t spend more than 3 minutes on a single webpage. And yes, one should not fill the website crowded with many sentences. Use of images and infographics may create a lasting impression. Use of bullet points, flow diagrams, table etc may serve the purpose. Here, too Call-to-action (CTA) on all the pages is necessary for taking your customers to different pages of your website.  

  •          Not creating internal links within your content

Internal links can only connect one page of your website with the other. Lacking of internal links might make the website less visible in the SERPs. It doesn’t mean you need to flood the website with the internal links. Use reasonable amount of relevant internal links. Try to use follow links. It can build your internal link architecture of your content marketing. By following the correct strategy Google will easily understand the relevance and value of pages.

  •          Not making your 404 page interesting

Don’t just simply create 404 page for the sake of creating. Create it in an interesting that will convey the two things; one is to tell the users that the page you are checking is broken or doesn’t exist. Second it’s to attract the user with the impressive design. One way to make your page interesting is; if your website is into branding & designing domain, create in a way that it looks very creative. If it’s into marketing domain create in a way that is impressive to their clients.      

  •          Skipping meta and title tags

Skipping meta and title tags is one of the biggest mistake. Using meta and title tags Google lists your website in the SERPs. It is one of the biggest factor that helps in ranking. Keep in mind that Google views only 60 characters for title tags and 120 characters for meta tags.

If you follow all the rules for creating a website, avoiding the above mistakes, then for sure your website can get listed in Google and earn a better rank.







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