Web Design Trends To Watch In 2017

website design trends 2017

The New Year has dawned and we are more than excited about the world. As of now, time is more than ready to grapple on the new trends in the world of technology. As we speak, the IT world is bringing new and varied findings in the technological field. The way a web page is displayed plays a great role in bringing in new clients.

Here we look at a few new trends that can set a web page unique in the eyes of potential clients.

1. Using animations in the web page

The moving images in a website can play at the emotions of the viewer. GIFs can be cute and to the point. They have a great potential in sustaining long in the designing of a web page simply because it has an effect on the viewer. It can be considered as a way to drive home the point and taking the website to a new level. GIFs are now so prevalent in our technological sphere through social media and all. The introduction of SVGs can hinder the prospect of GIFs and other animations. SVGs or Scalable Vector Graphics uses vectors to design the graphics. Also, they don't have HTTP requests that will help the website to load in seconds compared to the Http that often stalls or slows down the websites.

2. Content is king

It is not just another statement. No amount of pictures or animation is going to rescue a website from potentially walking towards oblivion. Strong and sensible words can create magic. It's been heard saying that content of the websites is the backbone of a well-released website. It also gives a professional touch to the website. It gives out a general vibe to professionally qualified people.

3. Designing of the web page

There is something about a web page that is rich in colour and clarity. If a company is willing to shell out money to make their websites colourful and trendy, there will be more traffic on those websites. The general colour scheme and font of the websites speak out more than the company intends to. Tools like Invision and Marvel helps more by evolving the website from a mediocre prospect to a worthwhile. The time is great for every kind of web designers to spark their creativity to the websites. Graphic designers create websites that will visually attract the potential clients. Coming March, the arrival of CSS grid will help in trying to bring out expressive layouts that can attract people.

4. Size does matter

It doesn't technically fall under the category for web designers. It is the responsibility of a content writer to make sure that whatever written on the site is possible for everyone to read. Using big, bold letters do convey the point. This boldness is now considered as an alternate path for the company to insist that they are the best company anywhere. The size of the letters can be proved significant at the right moment.

5. Tools with responsive design

In the past, creating a website often comes with certain other issues. The designers had to rebuild the same screen over and over for different sizes and resolutions. Tools like Figma come to the rescue in this case by decreasing the amount of time by using constraints. They keep them as composite elements that can be edited or resized by the designers.

6. More importance to conversation over form

This is likely going to be a change that has a potential in 2017. The clients or users' interaction with customized bots is still increasing. The designers have identified that these conversations are really important for the existence of a website. A new trend is on the horizon where the companies will try to humanize these bots. These, in turn, will be an additional responsibility for the content writer. Through the conversations between a customer and a bot may signify a technical connection between the company and the potential customers or users.

Hope these above mentioned top 6 website design trends will surely help you in getting ideas for your next website page design.

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