Hospital Information System(RAY®PRO V2.0)

RAY®Pro V2.0 is an element of Health informatics that focuses mainly on the administrational needs of hospitals. It can be quite challenging if we don’t equip the right people, right management system and the right tools to deliver the best facilities to the patients. We take great pleasure in introducing "Hospital Information System" a product which is reliable and scalable according to the requirements of hospitals.

Lantern's Hospital Information Management System is a suite of software modules to computerize any large scale hospital and connected clinics and its branches. There are plenty of modules available in our application, which makes it user friendly, highly versatile, easily installable, database driven and centralized Hospital Information Management System software available in the market today.

Aims And Objectives

  • Assist in streamlining operations
  • Improving Patient care
  • Helps in Improving administration and control
  • Assist in Improving fund management
  • Helps in effective revenue management
  • Improving overall relations


  • It helps hospitals and doctors to better serve their patients.
  • Better quality of care, procedure and services to patients
  • Reduces admin work load thereby increases productivity.
  • Ensure paperless Hospital environment.
  • Increased Data Security & Retrieve-ability
  • Cost Effective

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