Blockchain Technology

A Future for a Better World!!!

Blockchain technology- a legion of technologies that enable new kinds of digital property, and the secure and efficient exchange of digital assets, is very rapidly growing industry in today’s world of technology. It acts as a public ledger for all Bitcoin transactions that have ever been executed. It makes financial solution to potentially reduce the cost of international payments.

How it works?

We at Lantern Technology create this by first creating specific purposed software, which is then made available to the required users. The users create accounts, which in turn form the chain. Actions such as transaction or records are transmitted among accounts. Once the action is completed, a block containing the transmission is created and made available to all accounts for future references. For more actions, more blocks are created and linked together.

Benefits of Block Chain Technology:

  • Improve client satisfaction through faster, more convenient and secure services.
  • Increase profits and reduce costs.
  • Minimize fraud.
  • Maximize efficiency, security & transparency.
  • Accelerate information and money flows.
  • Greatly improve audit ability.
  • Streamline paperwork.
  • Showcase your organization as a global innovator.
If you’re a talented entrepreneur, engineer, investor, or student developing new decentralized crypto technologies we want to hear from you!