Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence or BI refers to variety of software applications used to analyse and transform a company's raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis. These help corporate in decision-making and to identify new business opportunities. To keep up with fast-paced customers, a company has to have a fast-paced business intelligence. In order to thrive in this highly competitive online market , a company needs to have a BI platform with all its data centralized, integarted and tied together to get the most accurate information possible.

At Lantern Technologies you get the "Right Data in Right Form and at Right Time"

Smart Work - Lantern Business Intelligence Solutions

Many organizations spend considerable amount (N$K) to implement sound ERP systems and still use excels or manual tool for analyzing data from ERP solution. Do you face a challenge in converting a large amount of data into meaning information? Lantern technologies Business Intelligence team will help you resolve data puzzle forever.

The right data in right form, at the right time, can help for effective decisions to create competent organizations. One of the tools our experts use is Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) which offers everyone in the organization a powerful new way to work and get on the track of business vision.

Lantern Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions allow you to transform your business data. We do extract, analyze and monitor existing and new data, you will be able to conduct predictions to find new opportunities, minimize business risks which lead to operational excellence.

Lantern utilizes Microsoft's Business Intelligence, MS SQL server SSAS, SSIS and SSRS services to harness your data and turn it into a valuable source of information that allows process improvement exercise.

5 simple Business intelligence Implementation steps

lantern business intelligence process

  • Define Vision
  • When BI is leveraged, organizations can get a full of view of a customer's needs. Therefore, a complete insight into the bigger picture is needed—-one that is also supported across the board and points towards how an organization can evolve with a clear vision.

  • Define Source of Data
  • After identifying what data is needed, create an inventory of data sources.

  • Define Analysis and Reporting
  • Identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) which are most influential in advancing business objectives is a pre-requisite to a successful BI program.

  • Select right BI Tool
  • Consolidating data into a central system is an analytics best practice in order to achieve a system of record and avoid inherent problems associated with disparate and redundant data, including potentially conflicting data or multiple versions of the truth. Business intelligence solutions are available in a variety of software technologies and deployment options.

  • Pursue a phased approach
  • Start with a relatively small department or business unit, possibly one with a never ending backlog of report requests. After achieving success, methodically expand your roll-outs to include more business units and integration with more information systems.

Our Specialities

  • Gives insights about customer purchasing behaviour.
  • Pinpoint up-selling as well as cross-selling opportunities.
  • Important business metrics can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the organization.
  • Gives quicker response to business queries - Quicker decisions can be made based on these responses.
  • With real time updates and accurate data it removes guesswork

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